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About Pamela McCarthy

Fashion Designer, Artist, Interior Designer

Pamela McCarthy is a consummate artist.  She is a gifted painter, fashion designer and interior designer.  Her enormous talent is all encompassing and provides her with the unique ability to move easily from one genre to another, incorporating all manner of art into her designs, including the creation of one of a kind fabrics, furniture, lighting fixtures, wall coverings and more. 


Pam started her career in the 80’s as a fashion designer creating haute couture looks for some of Detroit, Florida and New York’s most powerful women in both business and social circles.  Her name soon became synonymous with high fashion glamour and style.


By the 90’s Pam had opened an artist studio and continued to develop her craft, transforming her skill as an artist and fashion designer into that of an interior designer.


Pam is a great listener and really hears what her clients have to say.  This virtue allows her to create an interior which is a reflective of each client’s unique personality and lifestyle.   Her extraordinary vision allows her to blend signature pieces with time honored design techniques to create classic interiors that last for years. 


Today Pam is well known for her discerning eye for color, texture and proportion.  She ties it all together into a symphony of design, capturing the dreams of her clients and turning those dreams into a home.

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