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2018 Detroit Home Design Award Winner

M1 Concourse Car Condo

Pontiac, Michigan


This is no ordinary garage. Marble floors, mirrored walls and vertical LED lighting in the walls create a palatial setting on the first floor for a White Lamborghini Diablo and fire red Ferrari.

A splendid glass, LED lit stairway leads to the loft, richly carpeted in deep blue. Plenty of seating includes plush blue couches and long comfortable cushions, covered in the designer’s original fabric. Guests and auto aficionados alike watch all the racetrack action outside through the floor to ceiling glass garage door in an atmosphere like no other in Detroit, or the world for that matter.

Fully stocked bars are on both levels, each with state-of-the art stainless steel appliances and fully functioning kitchens.

Original wallpaper chocked full of car words that enhances the stairway and select walls, adding color to the otherwise pristine palette of white walls, marble floor, glass, mirrors, stainless steel and thick blue carpeting.

What better way to enjoy a love for luxury cars and entertaining than watching dream cars on the race track just outside your dream garage located in car country, Metro-Detroit (Pontiac),Michigan.


The Florida Isle Worth Home

Windermere, Florida


Two houses away from where Tiger Woods once lived, the Florida Isle Worth home was an empty shell when Pam first saw it and bravely announced, “This home has great bones!”


The home was situated on a lake and the owners wanted to bring the outside in, so Pam created a palette of soft water colors with washed stone treatments throughout.


Three years in the making, Pam created everything from the floor on up to produce a home of spectacular achievement.  Customized hardware, moldings, furniture, lighting fixtures, art objects, shelves, domed ceilings and wall treatments, everything, was designed and produced for this home under the guidance of a true artist.


The living room fireplace is created in authentic mother of pearl.  Curved glass cabinets are trimmed in white lacquer.  The ceilings and columns are finished in a Venetian plaster. The curved staircase, with accommodating lighting, and in fact, the lighting throughout the house was designed and created by hand.


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The Birmingham Pied-A-Terre

Birmingham, Michigan


When a dynamic Birmingham, Michigan power couple wanted their

“in the city” condo designed for intimate entertaining, Pam was offered the great creative opportunity of working with an over-the-top, highly imaginative client who wanted it out of the box!



"The challenge of having a passionate client is letting them go.  I listen to all their ideas and then take those ideas and make them functional,” states Pam.


The resulting design is pure Hollywood Glamour, created in soft shades of cream, sea glass aqua, white, and silver.  Soft and contemporary it was designed with a soothing atmosphere, perfect

for elegant entertaining as well as comfort and relaxation.


One of a kind original designs fill every room like the off white cut velvet oversized bench that divides the living room area from the dining room, richly adorned with genuine mink puff tassels. 






The Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center

Royal Oak, Michigan


The soothing colors and sounds of the ocean was the inspiration used for The Comprehensive Lung Cancer Center established in Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.


“I wanted the area to be calming and comfortable for both the patient’s family and the doctors in charge of their care,” stated Pam.  “When you walk through the door you are submerged in a comforting atmosphere. “


The challenges of creating such a haven in the midst of a busy hospital was due to the many rules and regulations Pam had to take into consideration.  Cleanliness was a major factor.  Fabrics had to be easy to clean and flame retardant.  Light fixtures had to be functional and uncomplicated.  Crucial technology had to be incorporated into the design mix.  The challenge was to produce a spa-like atmosphere in a sterile, scientific setting.





Southwestern Family Retreat

Phoenix, Arizona



A sun drenched southwest vacation home was pure heaven for a North Dakota oil man and his wife when they bought a family retreat in sunny Arizona.  The house was well-built with 5 bedrooms but lacked style.  Echoing the tones of the desert and sky Pam created a warm and inviting mood.  The challenge was to make it kid friendly, with an emphasis on function and comfort, while still maintaining elegance. 


Pam pulled it all together with durable fabrics, leather furniture and sturdy tables, then added unexpected drama in the vaulted foyer with

4 high gloss black marble columns.  The glamour was carried through

to the stunning dining room with custom-made black light fixtures hanging over the table, richly adorned with a one of a kind floral arrangement.


Everything neatly tied together exactly the way the client wanted it.          “I always work side by side with my clients,” Pam said.  “I learned that early on.  They always know what I am doing and there are never any surprises!” 




The Buckaroo

 Boyne City, Michgian


Nothing says American like a log cabin, and that was exactly the thinking when Pam took a look at the “Buckeroo”, an authentic log cabin nestled outside Boyne City, Michigan. 


The original 30’s “dude ranch” style cabin was transformed into a little slice of Americana with a touch of Texas thrown in for good measure. 


Pam went to work creating a western retreat that was fun, rustic, comfortable and purely authentic Michigan.  Together with the owner she scoured the Northern Michigan countryside for just the right pieces: painted wood antique furniture and decor in shades of red, turquoise, white and blue.  An up north artisan was contracted to bring to life her designs for matching birch nightstands and a trimmed out mirror for the bedroom.


“Houses don’t just come alive,” states Pam.  “not until there are people in it.  It must be theirs.  There needs to be a really strong connection between the people and the house, and this little log cabin reflects exactly that connection.”

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